Корпорация "Секреты Аномалий"
Аномалии - таинственные, не поддающиеся логикой и здравым смыслом вещи, существа и события. Они появились в связи с акт…

[°•°Kawaii element°•°]

Oh,Hai,my dear)

Glad to see you in my night delirium test [°•°kawaii element°•°]^^
The theme of course are already quite istishna,but you'll have to live with it
since this is a new (as in any way made by me x) version :3
The questions I tried to think of more interesting,but in the end it turned out...what happened x)))
So please be contented with what is :3
Well..more I have nothing to say x) for my fantasy did die ^^


Please --->

[Warning # 1:the Test is designed only for the anime]

[Warning # 2:For the damage to your psyche after you pass the test the author is not responsible]

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