Академия наёмных убийц
В этом мире, тайные войны и заговоры приобрели особо важное значение. У каждого влиятельного человека есть свои связи с…

†° What are you a demon?

The theme of the call in ._.""
Well I want to rave a bit...
Something of the mystic pulled OO"

You for notes:
° A demon in Greek mythology: a supernatural being, usually a deity of a lower order, the spirit which can possess both positive and negative qualities.

Ethereal essence of the element of Chaos (created by Chaos, or from Chaos made) that has the properties of an ethereal entity, which is a small spirit guardian of any forces, phenomena, events, feelings, emotions, actions. The chaotic nature expressed in the opposition of his own will, the demon - kind in his work every demon intends to convert all energy flows in the chaotic mess of primal and proenergie (Chaos) where, drawing power, that is to destroy everything and turn it into food for themselves, but forced to obey the will caused it, and to direct the flow of chaotic energies, transforming them in accordance with its purpose and its power, in the right direction.

Hit the pain in the eyes,
And too bright of reference.
It's like a dream. I do not know myself!
Mouth only the bitterness of temptation.

A quick and cautious look on his face
Will present a scary picture,
In which the demon three in a row
Sitting, chatting by the fire.

They will raise after me
Their crystal glasses,
One gulp susep to the bottom
And revealing their grins.

And their fierce, wild look
Force in the direction to shtutsa,
Like fear I bent.
And in a dark room to Wake up...

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