Ролевая Почему женщины убивают или Фарфоровые котята

[A element]

- Ah! Hell, the picture is not the topic, well and figs with it xD

Um... Can I ask a favor, people don't take these tests seriously! It's just another raft of mad and my faulty imagination! I do, there are points on the "lantern" placed... In General, you understand me, right? And even if you do not like my tests, go to the devil! So sorry for the mistakes, I have an ancient keyboard, badly printed letters! I don't need to Express that you do not like this or that and therefore I'm stupid! All! Nice passing, damn it >.<

And, Yes, the is my past tests.

670175 - What is you sin.
670198 - you're a demon.
693373 - the Scent of your soul.

And test our Your element.
Yes, I know... corny =_= And who said that I do not write trivial tests? My tests are always banal, simple and stupid!!! **

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