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Этот мир представляет из себя классический мир средневекового фэнтези, населённого множеством рас и государств. И у так…

In short, if you don't want to keep up with life, take the test

The man is known as the king of nature, the pinnacle of evolution, Homo (don't think that) and quite sapiens. 😃

In fact, as a species we emerged not so long ago, but not recently, too, where some forty thousand years ago. 😏 But before that was a long way Zeta-flop, or a million years, I figure it is his now disassemble – natural selection and all. 🤪

First, there was some primordial soup, then flowers, and then the dinosaurs, pterodactyls and all sorts of cool crap. They lived-lived, and then died, because it was not a sapiens, well, not cut, in General, that how much. 🤪 🤪 🤪

Then came the macaque and hamadryas, and then they suddenly time – and has mutated. Talking from concepts, disassembly, naturally went, the bomb was invented, Americans and TV. 😎

This is what I am, then? Of course, we broke away from mother nature, but still all have the genotype (genetic type code, not to be confused with the crocodile Gena).😇

One world man by the name of Carl Jung somehow figured out that there are four types spasovski brain. 🤔 One type is confined to think – his dad Carlo called thinking. Other – to feel, well, "Oh" there's "Ah", emotions and all things. It is a feeling type. The third remembers everything, sensitivity him the terminator. It is a feeling type. The fourth and last type is intuitive. Such a nose for all sorts of enterprise and adventure. From intuitive it makes for sickly psychics and fortune tellers. 👍 👍 👍

In short, if you don't want to keep up with life, go now, not weak a test that will determine what you type.😃

To write on soap http://testi.beon.ru/581-348-test-koroche-esli-ne-hotite-otstav.zhtml

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