Корпорация "Секреты Аномалий"
Аномалии - таинственные, не поддающиеся логикой и здравым смыслом вещи, существа и события. Они появились в связи с акт…

The split personality. The imbalance of the subconscious.

Test "multiple personality disorder. The imbalance in the subconscious"

This test determines the type of your consciousness with an accuracy of 60%.
Test precision since it is used labirinty.

Test the idea simplifies and shortens the description, which are incorporated in the test
Test: 391579.
Who loves long psychological descriptions - you there (click the link),
and fans of short descriptions and pictures I recommend to stay here.

The new test is simple questions and the lack of complex descriptions.
The test detects the imbalance of the two forms of the self: consciousness and subconsciousness.
In the end, shows two brief descriptions of the psyche with two pictures.

Preliminary statistical analysis of the test gives the following results:

This test is a continuation of the project "Psyche of the youth", initiated by the user
fomrior a year earlier. To talk about the project with him. He was aware of.

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