Игра богов
Этот мир представляет из себя классический мир средневекового фэнтези, населённого множеством рас и государств. И у так…

We're the same blood...

Scientists have found that the character of a man depends on blood groups.
If Russia asked: "What's your sign?" - Japan: "What's your blood type?"
According to the Japanese blood largely determines the character and personality of the person than the distant stars.
Organizing tests and taking into account the blood group is called here "ketsu-EKI-Gata" and are taking it very seriously.
Managers and HR use the "ketsu-EKI-Gata" in the hiring of employees to work,
marketing professionals – to predict demand for a prospective product,
most people to select friends and companions.
Opinions about the test here: http://lenorlusi.beon.ru/14759-645-moi-testy.zhtml

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