Универ Экстрасенсов
В этом мире существуют духи и потусторонние силы, каждые из которых тревожат умы обычных людей. Они пугают, запутывают…

What a chess piece?

Sunset in the sky. Tucek bunch
Helplessly fades away,
And chess pink bone
In the scattered rays of red.
Play, night? Your first move.
I'll wait. Prepare figures.
Today will be your turn
To continue the chess tours.
I already forgot how to play
Or rather Yes, but no funds
That night with his longing to take
So as not loitering in the neighborhood.
Don't put star – times.
Two – pawn not one but a couple.
One does not justify the eyes
And you, I see the old rogue.
Weaves a quiet, dream-like cocoon.
Wait at least nights a wave of a hand
When light squares are Windows
On the black tile Board?

Hello, it's me again.
This time I want to talk about the battle on the chess Board and find out what you play in this little war role...
I hope you will be satisfied as well as I do.
So, let the games begin.
Forever Yours, Sandroka.

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