What do you fear?

Bad night, nervous night
Fangs klatsat bed
And hollow out the neck of the wolf,
And scared to sleep.
Scared to sleep, but sleep terrible.
Through walleye white Windows
The skeletons of the ash trees are blue.
Them creaking like a groan.
I have in this world.
So heavy, awe and warmth.
But in the house of the Beast, outside the wind
Taps at the glass.
And it is as follows: outside the wind.
Hums the satiated Beast
But there is only me in the world.
Where am I now?We all have fears, the most-different – darkness, loneliness, insects. Someone they have a child, someone started to fear over time. And I'm afraid we're all different – someone gets off easy fright, and someone has a real phobia. All happened different in character, distribution and nature in General. In General, I have a fantasy at the end, so to torture you I'm stupid Preface. Thank you for reading.

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