What vampire clan do you belong to?

Camarilla is a huge sect of vampires that formed in the late middle ages. Vampire the UN, it was created to protect vampires from the persecutions of the Inquisition to respect the Traditions of Cain and support the great Masquerade. Many vampires of Camarilla, remembering fire the night when the vampires were under threat of eradication, to observe the fanatical Masquerade. Vampires of Camarilla reject the idea of vampires as monstrous predators, preferring instead to live secretly among mortals and eat with caution.
Camarilla - the most numerous sect, and theoretically, the most powerful. But it brings together seven vampire clans, each with its own culture and goals, and this is evidence of her instability. Managed some semblance of parliamentarism, of Camarilla slow acting and often helpless in the face of danger; when, however, she gathers all the power to hit Camarilla almost invincible.
In Camarillo listed only 7 clans:
Bruch (Owls)
Gangrel (Vagrants)
The ventra

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