Morning in the hidden Leaf village
already 9.00 am, you quickly get dressed and run to the training in the forest.
You almost not far away to the designated place, but suddenly you hear a rustling from the bushes.
From the bushes just Ing with your friends.
-Well, Sakura! now you're the one and I'll take care of you!
on the face of the Ins flashed a malevolent grin.
You pull out a kunai and stand on the defensive.
-Well Sakura let's see who's worthy of Sasuke
A blow to the stomach, Sakura flew and hit a tree and lost consciousness.
Then jumps down from the tree Naruto and Sasuke
-Ay ay ugly! said Sasuke looking at Inu
Ina cried and ran with his friends back home
You prosypaeshsya inaudible mumble

Ролевые игры на новом Беоне

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