Question number one!

Imagine this situation:

You calmly walk down the street. To you suddenly ran up some shaggy-haired guy.
"Do you want to sing?" He yelled and grabbed you by the hand dragged him somewhere. He pulled you into the shop. There was only a table and chair, TV and equipment to your TV. You even the situation is not digested, and the guy already put you on the microphone and turned on the karaoke monitor. You began to sing. But you are so surprised when I saw the words to the song. You become funny. No, not funny. You Bellow. So Yes, with a capital letter.
Hint: the song is called Anthem of yaoi.

No. I won't be able to forget,
As we began to live,
Two bed sharing.
Chu. I'll blow on the candle.
You know what I want.
I miss you.
Let me quench my hunger!
Buzz! Like a hammer in the ass!
I asked for deeper
I will be so much better...
I! Boy beautiful
I! Joy {censored}.
All I need today:
The feeling of a man ass!

Night, from sunset to sunrise,
You were wrong mother nature,
What my man did...
The day, from dawn to dusk,
Vaseline find I need
And spread everywhere,

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