Академия наёмных убийц
В этом мире, тайные войны и заговоры приобрели особо важное значение. У каждого влиятельного человека есть свои связи с…

~ With any of Reborneuses you Wake up cuddling after a party in honor of the summer? ~

Tek-with, ATSU-Chan was dispersed and now the latest tests on Reborn, and perhaps still in One piece and soul eater. ^^
Other tests under my Great features:
652453 - What do you say soul Iteracy
720523 - What would you say Rabinovici (the first and not the full version)
651164 - the same theme, only this time for Naruto.

The mood can write to order. If interested ask me in a PM.
And now we wish ATSU-Chan good luck and click "take the test". ^^

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