Мир гаремника
В этом мире любовь играет важную роль в жизни человека. Чем больше людей тебя любит, тем сильнее твоя магия, и к тому же…

^^You are treated like the heroes of Harry Potter???^^

Yes I know, not a new subject, but I tried to increase the number of characters to make the guessing how romantic! And if I had, this is for You to decide)))

PS. The results are not offended, in the end, you can try to go again, it's not so criminal))
Zzy I think you should not write that the divination for girls, it is obvious, of course it can go Gay, but I think the effect is not the same!
Z. Z. Z. Y. Sneakers, of course, to throw (if I will not tell You to throw them will not cease), but poison is not necessary, I still have enough!!!
Z. Z. Z. Z. Y. Hope will be at least a few reviews, the author loves them=)=)=)
Z. Z. Z. Z. Z. Y. Nobody against putting some in the day has nothing (can you meet such, be sure to tell me), as You can see, they are welcome!^_^
S S S S S S S. I have said many times, but still, orders, and good ideas are accepted)))
S S S S S S S S. See any spelling errors, will certainly share! In my opinion, too many of them read very uncomfortable!
I have not forgotten anything?🤔
The shorter the grain the breeze, come on in!

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