Корпорация "Секреты Аномалий"
Аномалии - таинственные, не поддающиеся логикой и здравым смыслом вещи, существа и события. Они появились в связи с акт…

Your heart...

Welcome you lovely ladies. My name is Rabbi Carlo, I come from a family of Frankensteins. I know the secret doctrine of the Kabbalah and are able to Kuesnacht. I know how to revive wood and small sticks kid with the same beautiful and pleasant nose like mine, Rabbi Carlo. And once, when I was not in the mood, I built out of garbage, that caught me by the arm, a great big giant. He gave me a lot of troubles, so now no one else I sculpt.

I'm a visionary and I see people as if they were made of glass. When God creates man, he makes the first heart. And it is different for everyone. One of mica, one of marble. And I can tell from what Your done. Just answer, without hesitation, a few questions.

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