Chemical Elements 1.0 free download Chemical Elements is chemical elements management tool. It contains 112 chemical elements. It allows you to check chemical elements.   
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Chemical Elements 1.0    View screenshot )

Chemical Elements is chemical elements management tool. It contains 112 chemical elements. It allows you to check chemical elements.

Updated Sep 13, 2011 19:57:36
Size29 kb
AuthorWendy Liu
Chemical Elements 1.0 free download Chemical Elements is chemical elements management tool. It contains 112 chemical elements.
It allows you to check chemical elements.

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   Hydrogen(H), Helium(He), Lithium(Li), Beryllium(Be), Boron(B), Carbon(C), Nitrogen(N), Oxygen(O), Fluorine(F), Neon(Ne), Sodium(Na), Magnesium(Mg), Alumium(Al), Silicon(Si), Phosphorus(P), Sulfur(S), Chlorine(Cl), Argon(Ar), Potassium(K), Calcium(Ca), Scandium(Sc), Titanium(Ti), Vanadium(V), Chromium(Cr), Manganese(Mn), Iron(Fe), Cobalt(Co), Nickel(Ni), Copper(Cu), Zinc(Zn), Gallium(Ga), Germanium(Ge), Arsenic(As), Selenium(Se), Bromine(Br), Krypton(Kr), Rubidium(Rb), Strontium(Sr), Yttrium(Y), Zirconium(Zr), Niobium(Nb), Molybdenum(Mo), Technetium(Tc), Ruthenium(Ru), Rhodium(Rh), Palladium(Pd), Silver(Ag), Cadmium(Cd), Indium(In), Tin(Sn), Antimony(Sb), Tellurium(Te), Iodine(I), Xenon(Xe), Cesium(Cs), Barium(Ba), Lanthanum(La), Cerium(Ce), Praseodymium(Pr), Neodymium(Nd), Promethium(Pm), Samarium(Sm), Europium(Eu), Gadolinium(Gd), Terbium(Tb), Dysprosium(Dy), Holmium(Ho), Erbium(Er), Thulium(Tm), Ytterbium(Yb), Lutetium(Lu), Hafnium(Hf), Tantalum(Ta), Tungsten(W), Rhenium(Re), Osmium(Os), Iridium(Ir), Platinum(Pt), Gold(Au), Mercury(Hg), Thallium(Tl), Lead(Pb), Bismuth(Bi), Polonium (Po), Astatine(At), Radon(Rn), Francium(Fr), Radium(Ra), Actinium(Ac), Thorium(Th), Protactinium(Pa), Uranium(U), Neptunium(Np), Plutonium(Pu), Americium(Am), Curium(Cm), Berkelium(Bk), Californium(Cf), Einsteinium(Es), Fermium(Fm), Mendelevium(Md), Nobelium(No), Lawrencium(Lr), Rutherfordium(Rf), Dubnium(Db), Seaborgium(Sg), Bohrium(Bh), Hassium(Hs), Meitnerium(Mt), Darmstadtium(Ds), Unununium(Uuu), Ununbium(Uub)

   Each chemical element has following info:

   1. Name

   2. Symbol

   3. Atomic Number

   4. Atomic Weight

   5. Atomic Volume

   6. Density @293K

   7. Classification

   8. Color

   9. Discovered

   10. State

   11. Melting Point

   12. Boiling Point

   13. Crystal Structure

   14. Heat of Fusion

   15. Heat of Vaporization

   16. Electron Configuration
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Chemical, Elements
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