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NuGenFractalX is fractal visualization and generation application for the .NET platform. Fractal sets can be saved, zoomed, rotated, manipulated with

Fractal sets can be saved, zoomed, rotated, manipulated with unlimited color views and gradients and also exported as multiple image types. As well, NuGenFractalX supports high resolution image export; where you can set the resolution size.

Whether you want to simply explore the beauty and mathematics of Fractals, or want to create stunning desktop images, NuGenFractalX will easily suit your needs.

NuGenFractalX includes the following base Fractal Sets (All can be customized via: BailoutTest, BailoutValue, MaxIterations, MinPerturbationComplex, MinPerturbationDouble and multiple render modes):

    * MandelbrotSet
    * JuliaSet
    * CustomFractal
    * MandelbrotSetEx
    * Manowarj
    * Newton
    * Spider
    * FourthPowerJuliaSet
    * MandelCloud
    * MandelzPower
    * Julia_lambda
    * Manowar
    * Mandel_Lambda
    * Marks_Mandel
    * Magnet2m
    * Magnet1j
    * Magnet1m
    * Magnet2j
    * Barnsleyj1
    * Barnsleyj2
    * Barnsleyj3
    * Barnsleym1
    * Barnsleym2
    * Barnsleym3
    * Escher_Julia

    * Unity
    * Lambda_fn_fn1
    * Cmplx_Marks_Jul
    * Cmplx_Marks_Mand
    * Mandelbrot_Equivalent
    * Forthy_Basin
    * Julfn_Exp
    * Julfn_zslqsrd
    * Julia_fn_and_fn1
    * Jul_Z_zpwr
    * Lambda_fn
    * Lambda
    * Mandel_fn_fn1
    * Mandel_fn
    * Man_fn_exp
    * ManFn_zsqrd
    * Manzz_Pwr
    * Marks_Mandel_Pwr
    * fn_z_fn_pix
    * Fn1_Fn2
    * FnZ_Z
    * sqr_1_fn
    * sqr_fn
    * Tetrate
    * Tims_Error

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Home > Software > Education > Mathematics > NuGenFractalX > Screenshot

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