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Triaxes products - a comprehensive production set for professional 3D imaging     

Updated May 5, 2009 12:59:35
AuthorNikolaev Alexander Dmitrievich
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   Three-dimensional images that you can look at using special glasses or without them are not a novelty by any means. These technologies have been around for decades and many of us have seen calendars and plastic cards with images that changed under different angles. However, at that time, these technologies were inaccessible to home users willing to experiment with stereo images. Thanks to the rapid advancement of digital imaging and computing technologies, stereo imaging has become an art that everyone can practice in at home. All you need is a camera, a good object to shoot, a computer and the right set of software. If the first three components are in place, all you need to add is a set of Triaxes products!

   The Triaxes line of products consists of StereoMeter, StereoTracer, Morpher and 3DMasterKit, the flagship application. Each of these tools is completely independent from the others, but together they form an ultimate set of stereo imaging tools covering the whole process — from selecting the right shooting parameters to editing and printing lenticular images with realistic 3D and morphing effects.

   StereoMeter is a compact utility that substantially facilitates the process of configuring the shooting basis for lenticular and stereo images. All you need to do is enter the shooting parameters (distances to objects, number of frames, focal length, etc.) and the software will calculate and suggest the optimal settings for your current setup. StereoMeter saves lots of your time and always helps you to produce the optimal result!

   The next product of the line is StereoTracer. This compact utility enables you to create a 3D stereo image from the original 2D image or stereopair and a depth map (Z-image). The unique feature of StereoTracer is the ability to generate a depth map and render multiview 3D image out of stereo photo (a pair of images). The software generates a series of frames rendered from a slightly different angle, which can then be saved as a video sequence into an AVI or animated GIF file or used for creating a stereo image by means of anaglyph encoding. Finally (and most importantly), the image sequence can be exported into 3DMasterKit, the top product of the line, for creating a 3D lenticular image.

   Triaxes Morpher is a handy tool to creating morphing effects. You can use the Home version to create smooth transitions within the same image or try the Professional edition for more morphing options, such as morphing between two images. In any case, the morphing results can be exported to 3DMasterKit to become the basis of lenticular prints with morphing, fade or zooming effects.

   The top product of the line, 3DMasterKit, is a comprehensive and powerful stereo imaging suite that provides you with a broad range of image editing capabilities. It primary purpose is the creation of realistic and detailed lenticular prints with a variety of effects: flip, animation, morphing, zooming and more. The application is capable of encoding images for a number of viewing methods, including stereoscopes, anaglyph and LCD shutter glasses and, of course, «glasses-free» lenticular lenses viewing.

   3DMasterKit and the accompanying Triaxes products form a perfectly balanced ensemble of 3D imaging tools that will be appreciated by professional designers and amateurs alike. If you are looking for a third dimension in your photos, it’s high time you tried Triaxes products!
Author: Nikolaev Alexander Dmitrievich
Learn more about 3DMasterKit…

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