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Этот мир представляет из себя классический мир средневекового фэнтези, населённого множеством рас и государств. И у так…

-{who are you? namber 2}-

Oh yeah... this is a continuation of the test XD
2 tests in 1 day, Yes I am a hero x)
you chocolate lovely readers ^^
here is part 1-293620
Part 3 - 296599

P/S guys, if you don't like this test, why did you publish his VDRIVE,(with all this still sign him you are not nraitsya) for this posledovatelnostyu actions you cite the author in a state of terrible laughter x) have a conscience so bad to laugh a lot x)
http://riii.beon.ru/6787-833-namber-2-ept-h.zhtml-я want to conquer the world, but you must tell who you are x)
okay let's start ---->

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